hello from peighton

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Hello, I am Peighton. I am 8 years old​. What I like to do is play with my brothers, have fun with my mom and dad, my dog and my uncle and aunt. 

I love to swim, play with my dolls and I cant wait to see the NEW adams family movie part 2. I love to climb and my favorite movie is descedants. 

My dog's name is Ava. She loves to beg for food when she all ready ate her food. My brother, mom, step dad and me likes to call her wiggle butt because she likes to wiggle her butt all the time when she sees me and my brothers. 

My aunt and uncles cats names are Leo and Lily, i love them so much, but lily is really shy but i love her, but leo hes use to me and my aunt,brother,uncle and me and more other people he knows. Braylon, my brother hes cool im use to him i love him. I mean hes my brother how can i not love him? I love all off my family there my family i have to love them, there my blod. Anyways Roro has been working so i asked if i can fix my web so it can look like im worling and if u dont know who Roro is shes my aunt she works on webs so i wanted to make a web so i did and this is what it looks like and i think i did... GREAT!