Pine Castle Woman's Club

The Heart of The Community Since 1940 and Home of the Corner Rose Tea Room

December 2021 - February 2022

Mission Statement:

To bring individuals together to service the philanthropic needs of the community.

Goals and Objectives:

     * To provide a forum in which members can develop their individual talents and leadership skills. 

     * To collect and preserve the history of the greater Pine Castle area. house for use by future generations. 

     * To provide a reasonable venue for community gatherings so that is continues to serve as "the heart of the community." 

     * To follow the tenets of the GFWC and GFWC FL, supporting them whenever possible. 

Mission Support:

The Russell Home for Atypical Children, Servant's Heart Ministry. The Foundation for Life Ministries and other local charities. 

Events and Projects:

* Corner Rose Tea Room (ongoing)

* Engraved Brick Sales (ongoing)

* Neighborhood Fun and Games (monthly)

* Members Arts and Craft Day (January)

* Black History Month Event (February)

* Pine Castle Pioneer Days (February)

* Annual Game Day (March)

* Fifth Grade Essay Contest (April)


Meetings are held at the Pine Castle Woman's Club on the 2nd Wednesday, September through May. Visitors are welcome. 

Board of Directors (2021-2022):

President – Sandy Chandler

Second Vice President (House) – Igdalia Zayas-Oliver 

Third Vice President (Membership) – Arlene Gimondo 

Recording Secretary – Lynne Marshall

Treasurer – Margaretta Douglas

Director – Veronica Bryant

Director – Ruthie Harrell

Director - Lee Ann Hill

A Message from the Pr​esident

As 2021 comes to a close and we move into 2022, members of the Pine Castle Woman’s Club will continue to focus on Chandler’s five C’s which includes:

  • Commitment
  • Continued Education
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Connectivity

The Christmas Gift of Knowing You

By Joanna Fuchs

The Christmas season fills our hearts with joy;

Bright, happy days bring special kinds of pleasure.

We’re wrapped in the excitement of it all,

The sights, the sounds, the smells, and the taste we treasure.

Yet when we have some quiet time to think

About our finest blessings all year through,

We focus on our family and our friends,

And appreciate the gift of knowing you

Peace, joy and love to you and your family.

Corner Rose Tea Room

Now is the time to plan your holiday tea hosted by the wonderful volunteers of the CRTR.

To make reservations, call 407-494-9118.

Flossie's Garden

Flossie’s Garden is named in honor of Florence Bumby Fishback, who founded the Pine Castle Woman’s Club in 1940. “Flossie,” as she was known to her many friends, would be the first to say she was only a small part of a wonderful group of Pine Castle ladies who worked together to create a much needed gathering place for the community as well as a place where they could come together in service to Greater Pine Castle.

Helping to carry on the tradition of community service is Flossie’s daughter, Ann Fishback Bennett, who has served three different terms as President. 

What a special way to say “thank you” to that family member or loved one by placing a brick in Flossie’s

Garden in honor or memory of them.

2021 - 2022 Standing Committee Chairs

Black History Month - Margaretta Douglas

Brick Sales – Joyce Broughman

Bylaws – Gail Padgett

Community Events – Veronica Bryant

Corner Rose Tea Room – Ruthie Harrell and Cathy Lindberg

Devotions/Pledge – Millie Evans

Fifth Grade Essay Contest – Laura Houston

Game Day – Cindy Lance and Minnette Mullings

GFWC Liaison – Lynne Marshall

Hospitality – Linda DiPietro

Neighborhood Fun and Games – Margaretta Douglas and Minnette Mullings

Newsletter/Publicity – VACANT

Pine Castle Historical Society – Veronica Bryant

Scrapbook/Photography – Lynne Marshall

If you have not already volunteered to serve on a committee, there is still time as we begin 2022. Kindly contact Sandy Chandler, if you would like to volunteer. Thank you.

Christmas at Evergreen Cherry Lakeside Stables 

Blustery winds coming in from the north carrying glistening Christmas snow, 

Swirling, floating snowflakes falling along the countryside…

A little down the way you can see billowing smoke from The Farmhouse chimney…

The family has gathered by the fireplace in anticipation of Christmas Eve…

At the bay window stands a tall, magical Christmas tree covered in tinsel, twinkley lights and colourful baubles…

Pretty packages tied with ribbons and bows wait to be opened by the children early on Christms morn…

Down the snow-covered hill the lake has turned to ice, making it a perfect time to skate…

Couples, bundled up, lace their skates and then hand-in-hand glide along while listening to carollers singing on the bank…

Chickadees perch in the rosy red berry bushes along the lakefront, chirping along with the carollers, as if they too were singing…

Gliding into sight across the snowy meadow is an old-fashioned horse-drawn cutter sleigh with shiny black blades…

The sleigh is adorned with jingling, jangling silver bells that sound like Christmas music, being pulled by two magnificent, trotting, midnight blue-eyed

horses, with a driver in a top hat holding the reins and off they go!

The couple are wearing warm woolly mittens and scarves, snuggled into a fluffy, feathery blanket while sipping hot chocolate…

Now that is what Christmas is all about…

May your Christmas be just as lovely as this and so much more…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kelly Therese Marshall, December 2019

(Lynne Marshall’s daughter)

Coming Attractions

January 12th - General Meeting

Arts n’ Crafts Competition - chaired by Lynne Marshall AND the Club’s FIRST Chili Cook-off chaired by Veronica Bryant.

Watch for further details soon.

February 9th - General Meeting

Featured Speaker: Lynne Marshall

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Mosaic of Cultures - Valentine’s Day

February 20th - Black History Month

Chaired by Margaretta Douglas.

March 5th - Painting with a Purpose

partnering with Servant’s Heart Ministry.

March 17th - Annual Game Day

It’s back! A special thanks is extended to Cindy Lance and Minnette Mullings for co-chairing this popular event for members and friends.

April 13th - Fifth Grade Essay Contest

Laura Houston, Chair, and committee members are looking forward to hosting the event in-person in 2022 which is exciting news.

Kitchen Renovations 
by Ruthie Harrel

The renovation has been ongoing now for five years. It is a very slow process especially dealing with the county. We are now investigating the need for a hood over the oven as well as the range. 

Please Note: The renovation has been pushed back to the summer.

Architect, Joe Knouse, and builder, Brent Walters, continue to work through the challenges and keeps Ruthie Harrell, chair, informed of the progress.

Monthly Support Update
by Lynne Marshall


This year we are once again supporting The Russell Home for Atypical Children, Servant’s Heart Ministry and The Foundation for Life Ministries. 

Our goal is to raise $500 for each charity. So far, we have donated $271 to The Foundation for Life Ministries, $1087 to Servant’s Heart Ministry, thanks to an enormously successful bake sale, and $168 to the Russell Home for Atypical Children. But it doesn’t stop there! Thanks to a very robust rental year we can make a one-time donation to each charity of $1000, plus an anonymous donor has generously given $500 to each charity. This brings our totals way over our original goal, so let’s see where we go in the next few months thanks to our generous members.

In December we held a canned goods drive in conjunction with the Belle Isle Police Department and Servant’s Heart Ministry for needy families at Oak Ridge High School. We donated approximately $250 worth of non-perishable goods.

Thank you to all our members for your generosity in supporting those less fortunate than ourselves. We truly are The Heart of the Community.


December Birthdays

Bonnie Van Dyke

Linda Miller

Netty Vazquez


Tommie Hosier


Maggi Ventura

January Birthdays

Lisa Berry

Lynne Marshall

Minnette Mullings

Bobby Lance


Jean Smith

February Birthdays

Jane Tracy

Jane Barry

Cathy Lindberg

Ginni Christopher


Barbara LeMay