Black History Month

Responsible for coordinating and overseeing the event, securing the speaker and the Living by the Bible Community Church Minister to assist, program, and refreshments.

Chair: Margaretta Douglas

Brick Sales

Responsible for continuing to preserve local history by promoting the purchase of an honorary/memorial or business brick in our very special “Flossie’s Garden.”

Chair: Joyce Broughman



Responsible for keeping the Bylaws/Standing Rules current by meeting at least once a year for review, and more often if needed.

Chair: Lynne Marshall

Community Events

Responsible for coordinating events during the year with approval by the Board.

Chair: Vivian Oviedo


Corner Rose Tea Room

Responsible for assisting with the operation of the tea room in setting up, serving, food preparation, kitchen assistance, take down, laundry or any other assistance needed.

Co-Chairs: Ruth Harrell and Cathy Lindberg


Devotions/ Pledge

Responsible for providing or securing assistance in the monthly devotion at the general meetings (September-May) and leading members in the Pledge.

Chair: Millie Evans 

Fifth Grade Essay Contest

Responsible for all aspects of the Essay Contest including assistance from the committee members in working with the local elementary schools. Detailed schedule of responsibilities available upon request (usually held in April).

Chair: Maggi Ventura

Game Day

Responsible for planning and organizing the annual event which is the big fundraiser for the Club (usually held in March).

Co-Chairs: Cindy Lance and Minnette Mullings

GFWC Liasion

responsible for coordinating information and keeping the members up to date on various events during the year, attend the GFWC District 7 meetings, if possible, and provide overview to the Club.

Chair: Lynne Marshall


Responsible for setting up, cleaning up and coordinating monthly refreshments for the general meetings (Septermber-May).

Chair: Linda DiPietro

Neighborhood Fun and Games

Responsible for monthly event in arriving early for set up, providing sign in sheet, collecting donations and take down.

Co-Chairs: Margaretta Douglas and Minnette Mullings

Newsletter/ Publicity

Responsible for producing quarterly newsletters with information happening in the Club to share with members and submitting articles to local newspapers in a timely manner.

Chair: Lynn DeJarnette

Pine Castle Historical Society

Responsible for acting as the liaison between PCWC and PCHS.

Chair: Gail Padgett



Responsible for keeping photos, articles, information pertaining to PCWC.

Chair: Lynne Marshall


Responsible for sending out cards to the members, as needed, and requested by the President.

Chair: Millie Evans